Fishing Tournament Rules and Regulations:


  1. **Subject to Change**: Tournament rules and regulations are subject to change until the commencement of the tournament on June 10th, 2023, at 0700 (7am). Anglers are responsible for staying updated on all rules and regulations throughout the tournament.


  1. **Fishing License**: Every angler must possess a valid Florida Saltwater Fishing License unless under the age of sixteen (16) or sixty-five (65) and older. Prize winners may be required to present a valid license before receiving any awards.


  1. **Waiver**: Teams must sign the waiver before the tournament begins; failure to do so will result in disqualification from participation.


  1. **Entry Fees**: Entry fees are non-refundable unless the tournament is canceled entirely. Efforts will be made to reschedule in case of inclement weather.


  1. **Underage Participants**: Participants under 18 years old may join with parental or guardian permission and a signed waiver. Any winnings exceeding $600 will be paid to the parent or guardian.


  1. **Registration**: Registration is conducted via All anglers must be paid and registered by the night of the captains meeting. No refunds of entry fees.


  1. **Team Composition**: Each team consists of a minimum of 2 Anglers and a maximum of 4 Anglers, with one designated as the team captain, per boat. The cost is $400 per boat.


  1. **Eligible Species**: Redfish, Snook, and Trout are the eligible species for the tournament.


  1. **Bait and Boundaries**: Live, dead, and/or artificial bait are allowed. The boundaries are the open coastline.


  1. **Fishing Times**: Lines may enter the water at 0700 (7am), and the last fish submission is at 1400 (2pm).


  1. **Participant’s Choice**: Anglers determine if their craft is seaworthy. Participants are responsible for themselves on and off the water.


  1. **Regulatory Compliance**: All fishing methods must comply with current Federal, State Fishing Regulations. Participants not on a USCG Captained Boat require a Florida Fishing License.


  1. **Safety and Compliance**: Registered boats must comply with State and USCG safety regulations. Fishing must occur in areas open and accessible to the public.


  1. **Fishing Methods**: Fish must be caught by hook and line. Handheld rods and reels only.


  1. **Catch Measurement**: Fish will be measured by photo using the tournament-provided ruler. Photos must show the entire fish with the nose flush against zero and the tail pinched. Fish must be released immediately after measurement.


  1. **Submission Deadline**: Photo submissions end at 1400 (2pm).


  1. **Ownership of Media**: Submitted media may become property of Pasco County Professional Firefighters and may be used for any purpose.


  1. **Slam Calculation**: Slam length is the sum of the largest Redfish, Snook, and Trout caught by a team.


  1. **Tie Breaker**: In case of a tie, the tiebreaker is based on the time stamp of the first submitted Slam total.


  1. **Attendance Requirement**: Tournament winners must be present at the weigh-in to receive awards.


For inquiries, email [email protected]. Participants are encouraged to share photos on social media with the #PCPFSlam2023. Sportsmanlike conduct is expected throughout the tournament, and any incidents may result in a ban from future events.